Whether genetic or caused by aging, undereye bags can make you look more tired than you really feel. At Cope Cosmetic Dermatology, our team can help you explore the best non-surgical options for undereye bags.

What Are Undereye Bags?

Undereye bags are sometimes also called dark circles or tear troughs. They’re areas of fat or skin that sag underneath the eyes, contributing to a worn-out look. Some people naturally have them as a result of genetics, but other people develop them throughout a lifetime. Undereye bags aren’t easily preventable with at-home skincare and are best treated with professional help.

Types of Undereye Bags


Undereye bags can be caused by swelling or puffiness. The area of puffiness usually hangs below the eye socket, causing you to look like you’ve been crying or experiencing allergies.


This type of undereye bag is typically caused by sagging skin and is most closely associated with aging. Over time, the fat pads underneath the eyes may also begin to sag.

Dark circles

Dark circles may or may not accompany sagging, but they can still make you look exhausted. They may appear as a blackish, bluish, or bruise-colored tint to the skin around your eyes.

What Causes Undereye Bags?

Undereye bags can be purely genetic and appear at any age. In other cases, undereye bags are caused by sagging (both the skin and the underlying fat pads) that occurs with age. As you age, your body becomes less proactive at producing collagen, the supportive structure underneath your skin. This causes the skin and connected tissues to sag downward with gravity. The result is a more tired or aged appearance – even if you don’t feel like it.

What Are My Treatment Options for Undereye Bags?

There are a variety of non-surgical treatment options for undereye bags, including:

  • RHA fillers
  • Microneedling
  • Antioxidants
  • Retinol

For bagginess or puffiness under the eyes, fillers can be one of the best ways to fill in tear troughs and achieve a brighter, fresher appearance. For age-related undereye bags, a strong anti-aging regimen using at-home skincare and professional treatments can reduce their appearance. Our team can create a customized treatment plan for your needs during a consultation.

Maintaining Healthy Skin with Undereye Bags

If you opt for filler treatment, our expert injectors will help you understand when to return for re-treatment. Additionally, our skincare experts can recommend the right physician-grade products to maintain your results and prevent sagging. Finally, it’s important to put healthy lifestyle habits in place like staying hydrated and getting enough sleep to help reduce the appearance of undereye bags.


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