Dr. Austin Cope is the author of Sun Proof: A Practical Guide for Sun-Damaged Skin. How To Maximize Prevention and Repair the Damage. Drawing on his over four years of hands-on industry experience, Dr. Cope provides a guide to preventing and repairing sun-damaged skin so you can enjoy your youngest, most radiant self.

Skin can sustain damage over many years from harmful UV rays – a process just as damaging to your skin as cigarette smoke. Even if you mean well by trying to achieve a more sun-kissed look with tanning products or booths, the effects can accumulate and add on to preexisting problems.

Fortunately, new breakthroughs in skincare science over the last few years mean that there are a variety of tools, tricks, and tips to repairing your skin. Dr. Cope has combed through the most scientifically-backed information available on sun damage and its impacts on the skin to compile a short guide to revolutionizing your skin – both by reversing existing damage and preventing further harm.

Your skin is irreplaceable, and when its appearance doesn’t reflect your youthful energy, it’s time to take action. With this guide, you can feel more confident in your skin and enjoy the outdoor things you love without causing damage.


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