Getting older has many wonderful benefits. As people age, they usually increase their life experience and wisdom, leading to a greater sense of freedom and enjoyment of life. However, aging does take a toll on the body, including a substantial increase in age lines and wrinkles on the face. While the term aging gracefully sounds terrific, it is often a bit of a challenge. If you’re considering getting a professional facial to address aging signs, then the BelaMD facial can help. Here’s what to know about this exciting new option at Cope Cosmetic Dermatology.

The Anti-Aging Market

Most people know that looking younger helps them feel more youthful and healthier. That’s why the North American anti-aging market is a top industry, it’s very confusing to understand this market and you need help to know what really works and what works well. We love to help coach people through all the confusion to tell them what actually has data.

In 2022, consumers spent 17.44 billion dollars on anti-aging products and techniques to help them revitalize their youthful appearance. But not all anti-aging products and methods are equally effective. Physician-grade facials and treatments are often the best way to see substantial results.

What Causes Aging?

Through years of research to reverse facial wrinkles and fine lines, we now know that proper hydration and exfoliation are vital in reducing the signs of aging. While some baseline facial products, such as serums, have been proven to be somewhat effective, getting top-of-the-line comprehensive professional anti-aging treatments has been found to have the most significant impact.

The hydration process is a bit complex for aging skin because the skin’s ability to retain hydration becomes less effective as people get older. That is why infusions of moisturizers that can reach deep below the surface layer of the skin have proven to be the most beneficial.

The top layers of the skin are known as the epidermis, and when it comes to exfoliating the outer layer, it’s vital to remove the top layer of dried-out skin cells to revitalize the elasticity and vibrance of the skin. Enter: the BelaMD Facial.

The Bela MD Facial

The BelaMD Facial is a comprehensive, all-in-one skincare treatment system that includes infusing the skin with hydration, exfoliating away dead and dry skin, and revitalizing the pores. Not all skin types are the same, so our treatments are custom designed based on each person’s age and needs. We use the best physician-grade serums to induce maximum hydration based on your skin’s specific needs.

In addition to hydration through dermal infusions, the Bela MD Facial combines many of the best physician-grade skincare treatments into one process, including a microdermabrasion process and a professional extraction technique. This makes the BelaMD facial one of the best customizable treatments available for people of all ages to enhance their youthful appearance and give their skin a healthy glow.

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